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hi i'm using corsair sp120 and i attached it directly to powersupply via 3pin to molex connector my question is in that set up that i said do you know what it is rated rpm? . And if i use the included low voltage connector what is the rated RPM for this. Because in full the sounds of SP120 is annoying to me, i plan to use the low voltage connector include but i need to know the RPM thanks..




Big thanks for any helping hand...

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There are 2 models of the SP120 - The High Performance & the Quiet Editions.


Which one do you have?




Size 120mm x 25mm

Operating Voltage 7V – 12V



Performance at 12V:


SP120 High Performance Edition:


Static Pressure 3.1 mm/H20

Airflow 62.74 CFM

Sound Level 35 dBA

Speed 2350 RPM

Power Draw 0.18 A



SP120 Quiet Edition


Static Pressure 1.29 mm/H20

Airflow 37.85 CFM

Sound Level 23 dBA

Speed 1450 RPM

Power Draw 0.08 A



Hopefully, someone will post the RPM at 7V, as I don't have that info handy.

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i have the sp120 performance edition


I seem to remember that the specs of the Performance Edition drop to approximately the same as the Quiet Edition if you use a 7V connector.


Just don't know exactly where I read it, in a fan review, I think.


I did find airflow/static pressure graphs that show the Performance Edition (at 7V) performing almost identically to the Quiet Edition at 12V.


Just under 1.20mmAq pressure, and about 36CFDM at 7V... those numbers indicate to me that the RPM is probably similar to the Quiet Edition as well. I'd think less than 1450RPM, with dBA hopefully less than 23?


If so, this should make for a huge noise level drop (not taking into account the other fans in your system, which will most likely be louder - especially GPU fans).



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