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Missing cables hx650


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Hey all

Long story short most of my modular cables have gone missing while I moved interstate. I know they have not made it to my new home as I only have 2 boxes of goods to my name lol.

The only cables I have left are one sata and one Molex which means I can't power all my Hdds or any GPU at all. The model I have is the "older" bronze hx650 which has served me very well.


I followed instructions on this site and submitted an RMA request. I received a VERY generous response in that corsair would actually replace the psu because they no longer have the connectors for the older bronze model apparently. I think that was very impressive by them.


However shipping to Hong Kong from Australia is over $50 and I also would love to keep this exact psu as it has performed well.


Does anyone have any other suggestions on where I could source the cables? Preferably in Australia? Or is there any other compatible cables I could use? Unfortunately I don't even have enough Molex cables left to convert to gpu sata etc..

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Alright so I have been roaming around 2nd hand sites looking for used cables to purchase. I haven't found any at all. If I do come across some does anyone know which would be compatible? All i know is my cables have a 5 pin configuration where they plug into the PSU. I don't know specifications of the cables themselves etc sorry..


From the response to my original tech support express query, it doesn't even sound like HX650 v2 are compatible. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?


I think the older HX620 and HX520 might be. But this is from reading different sources around the net (not official corsair words). I don't think the higher wattage HX models are compatible. All I need is another set of 3 x sata and a single set of 2x pci-e.


On the off chance, I don't suppose anyone here has some spares?


My RMA number is 5510710 in case anyone else wants to have a look and see if I was given the right advice (ie. sending the unit back for replacement instead of being able to get some cables)



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Ok so I think I have found the correct cables in corsairs online store. There are some claiming to be compatible with hx650/520/620. They are 8$ each or so which if I order 3 or 4 that I need isn't too bad compared to sending the psu accross continents. Only prob is shipping the cables costs 40 dollars. Can someone from corsair let me know if there is an Australian distributor or someone I can contact to buy the cables locally. I can't find any in stores or 2nd hand.
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