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What could cause this - fans or H100 failure?


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Hi all,


About 8 or 9 months ago got a new system complete with H100 (old one obviously) and a link system. Apart from a slight USB driver hiccup some months ago it has been going great guns :)


While I was moving stuff about in my office I looked in the top of my case and found that there was a fluid sprayed against the upper side of my corsair fans that are attached to the H100 (these are the stock ones that came with the H100). Photo Attached.


The photo is of the worst one, but it is happening to both fans

I have another 2 other brand fans underneath but I can't see them unless I unscrew them from the rad.


The fans are mounted above the radiator and in the top of my case hence I just remove the grill and I can see the top of the fans.


anyway a quick look around and I can't see any fluid inside the case so I don't think that its a leak, It looks more like some oil has escaped from the fan bearings and being deposited via centrifugal forces to the outer part of the fan.


I am not sure that a small leak would spray up to the fan (to be deposited in the same way) What do you think?


Anyway the Link software (I am running the old version from when I installed it but it works and I am happy) is displaying that the temps are still what I would be expecting and the pump looks like it still going well and I haven't noticed any extra noise.


However the Fans are now reporting that they are running at a higher speed than is profiled in the software. I'll have to get some data on this to report it to you more.


anyway, is it oil? I didn't think that fans would have oil in them.

what should I look out for with a leak and what is in the fluid?


Are the fans on the way out? how can I tell? What should I use to replace it?






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nyway, is it oil? I didn't think that fans would have oil in them.

what should I look out for with a leak and what is in the fluid?

As Taosted pointed out it is most likely oil from the fan bearings. For what ever reason some of them have come overly lubricated from the factory and once the excess is slung out should quit. Just to be sure, i would wipe them down and keep an eye on it for now. If it returns in a day or so i would take the cooler out and really get a good look at things. Maybe let it run on a table top so you can observe it pretty close.


The fluid in the coolers is a mixture of water and glychol

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Hi Guys, thanks for the quick reply


I'll wipe it off and check, thanks for the confirmation


I think that the other issue is related to the feedback from the H100 to the Link module as the fans seem to actually be doing what is asked of them, just not reporting the correct speed. . .or not updating from the initial value that it was started at (read that as very high) . . . the rest of the fans on the link cooling node are reporting correctly. I'll have a bit more of a poke around and see whats what


I did notice that the CPU fan on my motherboard was displaying low values. It is asus probe II, or similar. But I remember reading somewhere that is is out by a multiplier because it is the pump speed and not a fan speed. I'll look into that too. It was switching between 550 and 950 for the speed. probe didn't like the 550.


it must be working fine because I played about 3 hours of portal 2 (I know not the most taxing game) and I saw the cpu temp hit 50, once. most of the time it was in the high 40s. My processor is overclocked to 4.2 (from 3.5 or so) so its a bit more heat than a regular CPU.



I am putting a new H100i into a friends build tomorrow so I'll see how that goes, I may be inspired to update my software :)O


Thanks again,




PS. just a thought for the corsair guys. I saw a fancy fan controller that had its own touch screen and took up like 2 or 3 5 1/4 bays. It would be cool to bypass all of the machine hardware and OS issues and just have a Link system that has its own LCD and turn key power system, If possible the screen could just connect into the existing node so you could upgrade existing systems :)

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Hi Ram Guy,


As you can see from the attached image, the link software reports the speed at 2895rpm, but the associated CPU fan speed (the 3 pin connector is plugged into the CPU fan header on the motherboard)


this number changed infrequently, just now the link software is reporting 2955rpm


a strange thing is that when I exit the link software the probe software changes from the low value that is in the image to 2242rpm


exiting the software also make the fans spin up to perhaps half speed. . .judging by the sound


also twice now I have had the PC not boot because of a CPU fan speed warning. . .a reset gets it going, like it didn't report the speed properly.


FYI I am running version of the link software.

corsair commander is 1.1.9

H100 is 1.1.12

cooling node is 1.1.12



I have DLed the link software 2.2.0 If I run this will it have issues with my firmware revisions?




best Regards,




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Hi Guys, Sorry for the late getting back to you,


I installed a H100i in an fractal R4 (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=114540)


so anyhow I tinkered about with the setup of the link and the H100. on a different channel all the results were the same (fans not reporting speed correctly), so I thought that I would just leave it with the old version of the software. . .if it aint broke :)


I also found that the fans are doing pretty much what I am telling them to do (CPU gets hot, make fans go faster) I made a nice stepping temp increment and listened to the fans spin up while watching the temp increase under load. I am perfectly happy with the reaction of the fans to the input. prime95 only got to low 50 degrees, fans were not so loud either.


The only other thing that I think that could be making a problem would be USB devices/drivers that may have been introduced to the system. But I am not going to tear up my system for what is turning out to be such a small issue.


In short, since I have better things to do with my PC than watch fan speed readouts I'm just going to let it lie as all the rest of it is working fine. Who knows when it started and if I hadn't cleaned up my office I probably would not have been any the wiser :)


Thanks for everyone's input,


Best Regards,



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