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h80i temps


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Hi, i am running H80i on 3770k with stock clocks.

I am running corsair link 2.2, firmware 1.0.4

to get rid of the high pitch noise, i have the fans connected to my fan controller.


In corsair link software i cannot see the fans, NOR the h80i temp.


After having temp problems(50 iddle, 90 load), i have reseated the unit (i had very little thermal paste applied, there was just a circle in the middle of the chip covering only like 1/3 of it.


I have cleaned everyrthing up, aplied much more paste and now i am gettin:


idle: 38-42

prime95 : 61-75

fans @800rpm push/pull as an exhaust


i am still not very satisfied, shall i try reseating again?

The product is advertised to perform 48C under load for OC 3770k @4,6ghz. I am nowhere near that. Several reviews i have read have measured smth like 28 idle, 52 load @ stock. I am nowhere near that too.


What are your temps guys?

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I have the same cooler and CPU. I run my fans in "balanced" mode ~1300 rpm and have the fans in intake position. I run my CPU at stock speed of 3500Mhz and Idle is about 7-21 degrees depending on the core.


What are you measuring temps with? (I use Hwinfo)

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i was using HWmonitor from CPUID, and talked about the "package" temp, which i guess is an aporoximate value for all the cores.


i upped my fans to around 1200rpm


i downloaded hwinfo and in tab "sensors" i have under


cpu# digital thermal Sensor


cores #1-4


idle temps 37-41

prime 95 temps 62-72


how come you are gettin 7!! :eek: degrees? its lower than the temperature in your room, that must be wrong, its imposibble to achieve that under water/air.


try hw monitor and check temps under prime95 pls...

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@jonhnan1988, just for your info im using h60 in push/pull config and i'm getting temps lowe r than you said, btw how did you mount the backplate remember it has two edge for the screw in the top of lga1155 you should align it properly, my room temps btw is 28-30c
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i unmounted the unit again.

The paste was spread on the whole surface of the chip, from my point of view it just seemed that there was a little too much of it (compared to the pre-applied layer from corsair).

So i cleaned it up, applied little bit less and this time i used arctic cooling MX4 instead of my three year old MX2. It instanly seemed much more spread-likely, it has less density.

I checked my backplate and discovered that i had it upside down, the two cut down corners facing down, instad of up. i flipped it then, but it seems to sit tight either way.


Anyway now i am gettin


28-38 in idle

59-64 in prime95


fans at minimum controlled by external controller. Guessing from the ammount of noise its about ~800 RPM.

The high pitch noise is gone due to that. No other noises.


I am satisfied now. Yes, there is a place for satisfied customer in these forums too :)

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