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corsair c70 vengeance front i/o issues HELP!!!


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Hey, i just got my pc all together a few days ago finally and i have an issue with the headphone jack, it wasnt there to start, or if it was it was so subtle i didnt care. i dont know how to explain this but the audio when nothing is playing, is clicking at about 90 clicks per minute speeding up or slowing down but it usually stays at that pace. also, the audio changes volume on its own and, it is somewhat random, and can go away for a time completely, but it seems to persist for a duration and then change slightly.

lets say that theses are two volume levels, - and _

the level should be


but instead it sounds like


it gets increasingly bad at times and then just stops all together with a strange noise at the end.

ive disconnected the audio header and reconnected it, played with just about every setting the is in the audio section. im hoping this isnt an isolated incident and it is easily fixed because id like to enjoy my PC.

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