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H60 Backplate Instalation PROBLEM!!!


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I am new to the Forums so any answer will be appreciated ::pirate:: I was able to install my Corsair H60 and after doing so the I was able to see that the backplate could be completely removed.


I have currently a Core I5 3750K Overclocked to 4.2 @ 1.2v stable. Temperatures in my house are between 25c-17c in the night. While running Prime 95 large fft test I am able to see that temperatures go to 76-80 at the most. Idle Temperatures (with all c-states) are always around 38c-42c.


I know temperatures are a little hotter than Sandy Bridge but my question is, should I care about the pressure that the 4 mounting screws are or could be exerting over my motherboard? I do have the backplate so I could re-install the cooler.



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