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Question regarding H55 cooler...


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I've been looking at getting a Hydro cooler for my mini ITX machine (as the air cooler i have makes it impossible to use the PCI-E slot) and i've been looking at either the H55 or H60 (2013 revision)...


I was put off the H60 reading about it being difficult to mount properly and bad contact etc so figured i'd go for the H55 but looking at the H55...both the pump and the fan are 3 pin (fan is non PWM)?


Am i right in thinking the H55 will only run at a constant full speed?


If that's the case i'm a bit put off the H55 too as i'd like the fans to throttle back when the CPU isnt under load (which will be most of the time anyway...)


Anybody have any info which could clarify this? Corsairs product page is a bit limited with info regarding the H55 (and H60 for that matter).


Thanks for any help

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