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HX 750 - High pitch piercing sound


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My problem with my psu is that every time the load changes from 100 to <20 I get this high pitched piercing sound. I have tried it with 2 entirely different rigs, one without a video card and one with and both emit that sound.


Here is someone else with the same problem from the newegg.com review:


"The new Gold version has zero speed fan at idle temps which would have been nice if it was designed better. As expected the fan turns on at specific loads/temps. Unfortunately once your break the lowest threshold for the fan to turn on it turns on at 100% speed for about 5 seconds before slowing to a quiet speed. This happens every 5-10 mins depending on the game and pierces through noise canceling headphones. I am rather disappointed as they market this as a quiet power supply. I don't understand why Newegg uses reviews for the old silver version for the new gold one. It is false advertisement if you ask me as almost all of these reviews have nothing to do with the power supply you actually are buying."


So far I have had to use an old power supply in my new rig due to that annoying sound.


Corsair has been 1/3 with me so far in terms of deffective items (K60 keyboard I returned) and I am really dissapointed with the quality of the items I have received. I know I can rma it but the fact is I bought it from the USA (I reside in Canada, 2 residences) and going back their just to RMA (Not to mention pay return shipping) is just too much work.


I could have returned it as it is still within the return policy, but I foolishly did the MIR before I got to Canada and tested it. BTW I bought it on the 12/17/2012 so its not old age.


So my real question is that, is it possible to keep the load constantly above the 20% load so that I never can hear the sound? Or do I have to just throw it in my closet forever?

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