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tx750 replacement? Another fan issue...


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Hello all, this is my first time posting here, so bear with me!


Anyways, I built my pc not too long ago and decided to go with a corsair tx750 PSU. I've recently started to notice the fan on this thing while studying late at night. Its a constant medium-pitched whine/hum that is pretty distracting =/ . It doesnt change no matter what program I'm running. Its the same distracting tone while at my screensaver and while running prime95.

My question is, isn't this psu supposed to have a fan controller? If not, is there a psu that does or is atleast quieter? As it is, the psu is the absolute loudest piece of hardware in my case. If I could get this thing down to say 20db atleast, that would be wonderful.


Is there something wrong with my PSU or if not, is there a recommendation for a different one?


Thanks for your time!



Edit: I've sent an RMA after a little research, but still wanted to get some opinions!

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