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H100i only 1 fan working


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I just installed my new system which includes a H100i as CPU cooler.

I took my time with it, read all the manuals but still have a problem.


When I boot the system only 1 of 2 fans (a Noctua NF-F12) is working,

and it always runs at 100%.


I've checked the fan cable and fans by switching the two fans and cable: always same result, 1 fan at 100% all the time, other one dead.


I installed Corsair Link 2.2.0 and updated the firmware of the H100i to 1.0.4.

Makes no difference.




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Well guess what, I was just urging to log in here again to tell you guys that :)


I indeed tried attaching the Y fan cable in the other port of the pump top and that fixed it! The 2 fans were spinning after booting the PC, but still at 100%. So I thought, damn, almost. But then as soom as I got to the login screen they dropped at a low noise slow rpm :biggrin:


Not trying to steal your suggestion thou. Credit to you for also thinking about that AND replying but it's just a coincidence that I came up with the same :idea:


Still: - one time both fans spin at approx 340 RPM when IDLE, then I reboot and they spin both at approx 1380 RPM. Looks more like a lottery instead of a controlled scheme.


- Another thing I see is, besides H100i Fan 1 and H100i Fan 2, I also see a H100i Fan 4 inside CorsairLINK2. I only have 2 fans connected. Maybe it's the pump's own 3-pin wire connected to the motherboard's CPU FAN header that's confusing CorsairLINK2 in thinking there's a third fan?


Anyway, thank you for replying and you were (also) right ;)

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Are you getting an RPM reading for Fan 2?


The likelyhood is, based on your description, that you are getting readings for Fan1 and Fan4 which the h100i is identifying as your rad fans (based on where they are plugged in on the cables and on the unit). And if fan2 is showing as not spinning, its because its not there, but the link software thinks it should be. (by default it expects fan1 and fan2)

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