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MemTest-86 help..........


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First, download memtest86+ and unzip it somewhere. (Here's a direct link for the floppy version: memtest86+-1.26.floppy.zip.)


I recommend memtest86+ (@ http://www.memtest.org) over the older memtest86 (@ http://www.memtest86.com) because it is actively supported and more current (recognizes today's CPU's and chipsets). Of course, if Ram Guy says differently, then follow his advice, not mine! ;):


After you unzip it, just run the included batch file to create your boot floppy. (Preformat a floppy first--just to make sure it is good--and with the floppy in the drive, run the batch file.)


Now reboot and go to BIOS to make sure your first boot device is your floppy, not your hard drive.


Save and exit BIOS, and with the floppy in the drive, memtest86+ will load and start automatically in "standard" mode. It takes about 15 minutes (give or take depending on your memory speed) to complete these standard tests. (There are seven tests total.)


The program will loop indefinitely, so it's up to you to hit ESC to exit.


The standard tests are good enough when initially fiddling around with your timings, but when you think you are stable, you should really run the full set (standard + extended). To do this, while memtest is running, hit 'c', then the "select test," and then the 'run all tests.'


Running all the tests is an all night task: about 9 hours or so.

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thanks alot, but i dont have a floppy drive, can i use the CD-ROM drive instead ?


Yes, here's the direct link for the ISO: memtest86+-1.26.iso.zip. (It's still only around 37 KB, so do not fear clicking on it.) Or can go to the site for yourself. ;):


Anyway, you're on your own creating the boot CD. ;): (Assuming you have Roxio or Nero, it shouldn't be that hard.)

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thanks alot, but i dont have a floppy drive, can i use the CD-ROM drive instead ? btw i see another file called RAWRITE, do i have to run it ? thanks


I didn't notice you edited this. ;) Okay, this won't apply to you since you will be making a boot CD, but for other future readers of this thread, the answer is no, not if you use the batch file ("install.bat"). rawrite.exe is used to write a binary image on to the floppy. (It's equivalent to using Roxio or Nero to write a binary ISO image to a CD.)


The program itself is written for Linux and run under Linux, hence why you need a Linux boot floppy instead of a DOS boot floppy.


BTW, after this floppy is created, it will not be readable under Windows. This is normal.

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