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Slow Neutron GTX


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I installed a Neutron GTX and moved all my files including the windows 7 system to it. But to my horror the system is many times SLOWER than it was with a WD Caviar green hard disk.


I thought perhaps the reason is the Caviar has RAM cache but the Neutron does not.


I am hoping there is something about the way I installed the SSD. It is plugged into a SATA 6 GB port. There does not appear to be a Corsair driver.


I did not do any sort of format or low level format. I just copied partitions over with Bare Metal.

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AHCI made a huge difference, however it stopped the CDROM from working. Now I have half ports with AHCI and half with IDE. So all is now working fine.



It took two days of fooling around reinstalling Windows. I discovered you cannot simply copy partitions and expect all to work even when partitions are both hd0. Installing bootable SSD changes drive number of hard disk which stops it from working.

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