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P5e64 ws evolution + tw3x4g1600c9dhx


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Hello guys! i am a new member and this is my first post!

please i need some body to help me.

my system is:

m/b asus P5E64 WS evolution with bios 0701

cpu Q9550 E0

ram model TW3X4G1600C9DHX (two of 2gb modules CM3X2G1600C9DHX 9-9-9-24 1.80v ver 1.2

power supply coolermaster 620w

gpu radeon 4870 hd

cpu cooler system is prolimatech megahalems with 2x12 cm fans

os. win 7 x64


please tell me what settings i must follow to the bios for the memories run at 1600 mhz? now its running at 1333mhz and the system is stable with LinX 0.6.4,

but if i put the rams to 1600mhz the system does not start.


ps. the modules in auto is 1066mhz


please any help

thank you

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With your CPU you can not run the memory faster than the front side buss. Which with your CPU is 1333mhz.


To achieve 1600mhz your going to have to overclock the CPU. I would suggest looking for overclocking guides for your CPU if this is something you think you want to get into.


But if all is stable and good at 1333mhz i would just leave it alone.

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Not here on this site. But I'm sure if you google overlocking guides for your CPU you'll find information that way.


However I would suggest you get familiar with the hows and why's with the BIOS settings before you try it. Setting the wrong values in the BIOS can cause damage to your CPU.

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