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Vengeance CMSX8GX3M1A1600C10


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They SHOULD be compatible, but you might want to check with DELL first. Their systems can be really funny with aftermarket memory.


Just to add to this Corsair does not suggest or support mixing/combing kits. There is no way to tell if any two random kits will work together or not.


The other thing is that I could not find a maximum amount of memory for that laptop. DELLs site only gives an option for 8 gig's with no upgrade options. So 8 gigs might be max.



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No , no additional software. Those adjustments would be made in the BIOS. And if you read down that article t, the very last post there it even says that your machine has a locked BIOS and does not have support for overclocking . It's these settings you would need access to.


Also on the second page 16gigs is only achievable with caching. And that would be something you would need to research or ask DELL about how to go about doing that with your machine. But as far as your system specs go yous only officially supports 8 gigs of memory. Trying to go about getting 16gigs to work would be at your own risk and not much Corsair would be able to do if it doesn't work.


I looked up the 17r in the memory finder...they do not list the SE, but even then, it still only lists 8 gigs as max supported. They do however offer a 16gig value select set at 1333mhz memory. But your system comes with 1600mhz memory. So it IS capable of running 1600mhz because the CPU supports it. So it would really be your choice as to what you want to do or try.


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