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Puzzling Ram Problem


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I got myself some corsair vengeance CL9 1600MHZ 8Gb kit 2x 4gb and im finding myself with a confusing problem. Ive just benchmarked them through passmark and they seem to be underperforming for some reason or another.


See: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1qy97jk6ar4a0w/Capture.PNG


I know that this isnt normal because the #5 computer in the those benchmarks has exactly the same ram. So i dont know why my computer is that low. the #5 computer has a FX-8150 but apart from that it is a very similar PC to mine. Ive changed the ram to work in 1600mhz mode but no joy. Does anyone have any suggestions?


My PC specs as always are above in drop-down

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