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800d warped solid side panel


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My case has arrived and i removed the side panels to install my components and do the cable routing. Didnt pay any attention to the condition of the panels other than cosmetically. I placed the panels in an area they wouldnt be touched until i was done the rig as i was waiting for parts. Last night i put the solid side on to check my wiring and make sure it didnt cause a buldge(as ive heard others report this). Upon fitting the bottom tabs of the panel into the case i knew it didnt feel right, it felt like there was a spring mechanism pushing off away from the case and a fair amount of pressure was needed to latch the top along the bar mechanism. I tried loosening the tits on the bar and it only gapped the top of the case not providing a solution. I also have tried to tweek the bottom tabs and attempted to re square the door but fixing one side messes up the other.


From what i can tell the panel is warped/bowed and has a 2-5mm gap on any given side when attached to the case in addition to requiring forceful installation.


After realizing one panel was messed up i fit the panel with the window to the proper side and it fit perfectly with no effort required so something is definatly wrong with the solid side.


Thinking about it now i should have tried to fit the windowed panel to the opposite side to see if it was the other panel or the case itself. I will check that tonight and confirm its the solid side panel.


Any other suggestions?

Can i rma just a side panel?


I bought the case from newegg and suspected i recieved a previously rma'ed case but honeslty couldnt tell for sure. so as long as i can get it back to proper condition thats good with me

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