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Rebate Status Invalid - UPC Code

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I purchased a Corsair Professional Series™ HX1050 power supply from Fry's Electronics on December 20th and mailed the rebate documents on the 26th. I included the original UPC bar code, the Rebate receipt, and a copy of my original Fry's purchase receipt just to be safe. Additionally, I included the serial number (S/N) sticker that's located above the UPC code, too.


I received an email this morning stating the rebate department received my submission in the mail and according to its Status Details page, my rebate is Invalid due to "The UPC code you submitted is not valid for this promotion."


The Fry's Rebate Receipt (attached) instructed me to visit their rebate site — http://www.frys.com/rebates — and enter in my Rebate Number: 101138


It then took me to a page that showed this was for product CP-9020033-US (HX1050) via their PDF document. From there, I went to Corsair's rebate site and entered in the promo code that was provided in that PDF document, printed it, mailed it, et cetera.


After chatting with a rebate representative today, it appears the UPC code I sent doesn't match with the product I purchased? They said the correct UPC code is 843591033428 not 843591014212. I then asked, out of curiosity, if it matched the other HX1050 product "CP-9020033-NA(HX1050)" and they ended the chat with me.


Please advise.


EDIT: I have attached my Rebate Receipt & UPC Code in PDF format.

HX1050 Rebate Receipt.pdf

UPC - Corsair HX1050.pdf

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I am sorry as we do not process Rebates directly so we would not know what the specific Item is on a rebate add at any one time. I would suggest speaking with our customer service by phone and see if there is anything they can do. The number is listed under Contact on the main site
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They responded to my email inquiry. The issue has been resolved. Apparently the UPC code they entered was invalid due to a typographical error. It was successfully validated after being re-entered correctly by the Rebates Customer Service department. I will receive my rebate within 4-6 weeks.


Thank you.

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