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I think my PSU is ruining my computer.


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I've had some problems recently regarding my computer. Almost since the day I bought my PSU I've heard some weird frequency noise coming from the PSU after I shut down my computer. It's been very annoying but I've kinda ignored it for a year or so.

Today I noticed my Video Card blinked red on It's side, telling me it's not getting enough power. That's what I think. All my three fans in the computer don't work as well. I've been changing a lot of components recently, but without any good result.

I know think it's the PSU which is causing trouble.


Please help.

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Well the weird frequency noise could either be coil whine or the fan controller turning on and off. Neither of which are harmful to the system or PSU.


The fans that are not running, are they plugged into your MB or directly into the PSU?


Do you have another GPU to test with?


What are the voltage readings in the BIOS?

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It's like an on-keeping beeping noise which is really frustrating.

The CPU fan and the other fan next to the CPU fan which is on the wall are both connected to the Motherboard. The GPU fan how ever is inside my Videocard so I assume they are connected to the Motherboard as well? But they are connected to the PSU to get power so, I dont know.

No, unfortunately.

Well, I got a black screen 24/7 (Since the dead fans and most likely dead GPU aren't giving the monitor signals) so I can't really access the BIOS, sorry.

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