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Adding Corsair RAM


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Hi all,

Not too knowledgeable in this department, so asking for some help here, I want to increase my RAM to 8GB.

I currently have the following RAM installed..

Model Corsair CMX4GX43M2A1600C9 XMP 1.2 - (2x2GB) with 4 DIMM slots.


I cannot find this memory with the XMP 1.2 extension anywhere in the UK, I assume it may be "old" ish! although PC is only a year old.


The one that I can find, is the same model number CMX4GX43M2A1600C9 but with this extension to it XMS3 I don't know what the difference is or if it's important.


Any help would be appreciated.. as I don't want to buy the wrong RAM or make my rig unstable.:roll::confused:

I have the following mobo M4A87TD/USB3 with a Phenom 2 X6 1090T the 4GB ram installed is running fine @ 1600Mhz.

Thanks in advance.

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please use the memory finder link on the left to identify a compatible 8 gig kit, you cannot "add" to what you have now without consequences that may include instability, decreased speed or just totally incompatible.


there are 2 links on combining ram on the bottom of my sig. please read both to understand where im coming from.


good luck.

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Thanks for the response but, I have read that info and still seek advice.

I don't want to buy 8GB of ram when I have a perfectly good 4GB working as it should.

The reason for my asking about these 2 pieces of ram is they are "the same" in that, the model number is identical with just the extension difference, what I need to know is what that difference is between them..

XMP 1.2 ( As stated by CPU-Z) versus XMS3.



SORTED.. Did the obvious thing .. got my friend to break into my house to look at the installed ram.. (I work away) XMS3 is fine.. thanks anyway!

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ok, just keep in mind the ram even the same part# can give you issues, they will not be matched and will likely be made from different chips or BOM. if you have any instability when combining ram there is no warranty or guarantee for them to play nice together and there is nothing Corsair can do to help you as it is unsupported.


good luck

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Glad you got it sorted out but for the record we do not suggest or support mixing memory and it would be best to replace what you have now with a new set that is the density you want to run in your system.
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