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HX620 and ongoing computer issues


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So I've had issues with my fiance's build for quite a while now.. years really.


Basically two things.. computer will straight up freeze at random points.. sometimes during post.. sometimes in bios.. sometimes in windows even.


Originally thought it was mobo.. or CPU.. or GFX card.. memory ..etc..


Well I've basically gotten to the point now that I've ruled all those out.


I have upgraded my comp and gave her my MOBO/CPU/MEMORY combo that has been rock solid for many years for me.


I have also tried swapping out the GFX card to an old 8800 GTX that I use whenever I have to RMA one of our cards or just for testing purposes for people since it's a beast that never lets me down just to rule that out.


Have taken out sound card just to make sure it's not that as well.


SO .. yeah.. I've basically replaced EVERY SINGLE PART on the comp except the power supply at this point.


And to make things point that way even more.. it's making some high pitched noises I noticed at random but even when I move the mouse it screeches while I'm moving it around the screen etc.


So right now, either something about her case is causing weird shortage problem which I'm about to rule out by running the components outside the case to test...


Or for sure it's the power supply that's been causing these issues all along.


Oh.. I've also run with no hard drive of course to see if that helps go through post etc.. it's all pretty random.


But one thing is for sure. I've had the HEART of this computer running in MY system for a long time now.. nothing wrong with those parts.


It's really down to the PSU unfortunately at this point.


Anyway I'll start an RMA process if you thing my logic/testing is valid and hopefully we can get things stable for once on the beast.


Sorry for long post! I do that...



Many Thanks

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What are all the "support" guys taking a day off?


Just reply to the god damn thing so I can start an RMA.


Maybe what people are saying about Corsair products and support going downhill are true.. it would be a sad day.


The bigger you get I guess.. :mad:

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nikeportugal , as a matter of fact Corsair has been closed for the holidays and sometimes it takes a while for them to catch up .


If you are sure the PSU is at fault , go ahead and submit an RMA request or call CS and you can have your RMA processed that way.

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Seems odd for a whole company to be closed ...


But either way I'd rather wait for a reply from one of the official guys.


I have been buying Corsair products like crazy since 2002 I think it was.. my forum profile is as of 2003 I think.. so I haven't had to RMA TOO much through them, but I do remember that at some point the form asks you to check off that you've already talked to a member etc.


Just the way I've always done it.


I'll give it a bit and if no reply I'll just call I guess.


To put it in perspective my fiance and I had to RMA our GFX cards to EVGA and we are now in ROUND 4!! Total of 6 cards sent to us that were faulty.. so seems like she will be out of action for a little while either way...


Guess nobody makes parts like they used to anymore 8p

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry about that but we have been a little over whelmed with the Holidays, and we did not shut down completely just a limited schedule But please use the link on the left and request an RMA and let me know the case number and I will see it gets processed ASAP.
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Thanks RAMGUY, much appreciated.


Case #5472691


Clicked the RAMGUY already helped me at first but that seems to be for memory specifically so yeah, that's the number I got through regular channels.


I'm frustrated with her build in general at this point just taking it out on everyone I guess. Just want a stable build with working parts.


Pretty much replaced every single piece of Hardware except for the PSU now so I'm not taking any chances, if I can help it.


Many Thanks,


Ricardo Henriques

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Yup I've printed everything out. Doesn't mention if I need to send all the cables with it though? I've bought so many HX PSU's over the years that I don't know how many of each cable came with the unit.. I have several of those black pouches stored away with the extra cables from all the PSU units..


Do you guys need all the cables or just the unit?

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Unfortunately I've had another PSU die...


This one was from a build I put together for my dad. Details are on RMA form are:


" Bought two HX650W for two builds for my father. One for home office, one for personal use. Identical builds.


One comp failed to boot after a month or two only.


The other one is fine.


We have tested by putting the malfunctioning PSU in the working system and it does not boot in the working system. After replacing with the working PSU system is functional again.


Open and shut case.


Need to RMA the faulty unit.


Many Thanks. "


I wasn't kidding when I said I bought a lot of Corsair Products... a little worrying right now though on fault rate lately. Hopefully just bad luck...


Case #: 5499580

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