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Whats with the all the Corsair Link software/firmware iussues?


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Hello and id like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I recently purchased an H80i which has yet to arrive from Newegg. Now I have alot of confidence in Corsair products. i have used Corsair for years and rarely have had any trouble..


i just am somewhat baffled by the number of people all over the internet complaining of the Corsair Link Firmware/Software for the H80i and H100i. And some of these people are computer gurus. People who have created reviews on the product, and again and again the issue of the Software Corsair Link keeps coming to the forefront as a pain in the butt. From rattling noises right from the start, to the software trying to comunicate with the hard drive every 3seconds??


Corsair is it possible you guys are working on a new and solid version of software/firmware for the Hydro Series water coolers??? Please, my cooler will be here by the end of the week. When i buy something, specially electronics etc i wont and don't buy cheap. i rather spend the extra money on the brand, cause i know what i am going to get and it just works. Last thing i want to buy is something that it not going to work right out of the box.


You know, this kind of reminds me of the K90 Keyboaard i have. If i remember correctly the software/firmware for my keyboard was full of bugs also, well untill the last update version that is..


Again i wish everyone over at Corsair a Happy New year and stay safe..

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  • Corsair Employees

Did the cooler work out for you? Not all units are having issues, there are literally thousands of people out there that are not having issue with the cooler nor the SW/FW.


Having said that, we are constantly working to make sure that we address customer concerns and provide solutions to those people that are having some problems with any of our products.

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Funny you should mention the K90 m8. Just done a full round of fault finding with members on here and a few other forums.

On 2 systems with USB Logictech k300 keyboards and one with the K90 keyboard there were firmware update problems and the Hydro's were disappearing from CorsairLink.

These were driver conflict between the keyboards and the hydros, causing the Hydros to drop while flashing (can brick the cooler but all were lucky). I'm compiling a list of hardware causing these probs.

There's no link with the motherboards.




Between myself and Corsair this should be fixed soon. All we need is dedicated drivers (the default windows drivers are over 6 years old now)

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