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fitting of corsair h60 or h80


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he removed the hdd cage there. Im not planning to remove the cage, and there's a neat clearance between the hdd cage and the mobo. here's a picture:



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No, you can't detach the tubing, or at least, not without voiding your warranty, and the tubing is all connected exceptionally well. If it all went wrong and leaked due to such modification, you'd have a small disaster on your hands!!


Additionally, placing the rad and fans "inside" the case as you are planning would not really be a viable cooling solution as the ambient temp inside said case would be far higher than that of the cooler air outside of the case. I think you'd find that you'd struggle to cool your CPU effectively if the rad can't have cool clean air being blown through it.


Corsairs Hydro coolers are a far cry from custom water blocks and loops that route the tubing into and out of the case from an externally cooled reservoir/source.


You really need to mount the rad and fans for these coolers on a dedicated fan intake/out take position.

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