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Corsair Vengeance 2000 not pairing


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I've been given this headset for Holidays but i have issues getting it work properly. For one week now, i couldn't get it paired with the dongle, i had to use the "recessed pairing button" EVERYTIME i shut down my computer, and after pushing it for one week everytime i used my headset (by the way this button is SO inconvenient) i don't know if i broke it but it doesn't work anymore. So right now i CAN'T get my headset working...


I tried:


-I DID charge the battery until the light became green before any use

-Installing drivers

-Uninstalling - rebooting - installing - rebooting

-The recessed pairing button like explained in the FAQ

-Every USB port

-Plugging - unplugging everything


I don't know what's going on. Yesterday it was still working fine (EXCEPT I had to use the button) but this morning the pairing button didn't work so i can't pair them. I don't understand why they don't automatically pair like explained in the user guide, and also it is said IN CASE i had to use the button i would just use it ONCE, not everytime...


Right now both the dongle and the headset are blinking blue. I'm using W7 64bits.


Ask me if you need more informations.


If someone has ANY clue, even if you think of something very stupid i could have forgot... :(:

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