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My CX600 smelled burnt!


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So I went down to my computer room today, and did some upgrades to my 2nd rig, the one with the CX600 in it. The computer had been on the whole night, so I just turned it off, pressed the power button some times, and started changing the standard Intel cooler for a Freezer Pro v.2 :D: When I was finished, I closed the case door, and plugged in the power cord. To my surprise, the computer did not turn on :confused: I pressed the power button some more times, and then noticed a very burnt smell coming from the computer:eek: I quickly disconnected the power cord, and opened the cover. I figured out the smell was coming from the CX600,

and started the action of taking it out. I was literally shocked, because of the risk of my parts actually being fried by the PSU :/ I quickly took out the HX520 from my other rig, and put it in. And to my relief, the computer turned on just fine. Now, I've let the CX600 cool down a little bit, and it does still smell burnt. I have not tested it yet to see the voltages, but I am in the need of a PSU quickly. This CX600 rig was used for folding, and I do not have so much time to let my other folding rigs wait.

I hope this leads to a quick explanation, as I do not see this as a user error, rather, I see this as a factory fault.


The rig this was in, has these specs.

i5 2400



1 SSD & 1 HDD

Asus MB

This rig (before the PSU died) used about 300W from the wall,

so I guess it didn't overload the PSU.


EDIT: So I guessed I should test the PSU, and hooked up a HDD for load, and jumped the green wire to a ground. Nothing happened, it gave me no signs of life. So I do not really know what cased it to die.



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If you do need to call our customer service I would suggest you create the RMA first before you call them as they will need that before they can do any thing. The link in on the left side of the page.
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