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AX760i poor voltage regulation?

Darius Silver

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Well I'm not to sure if this normal for this PSU, but my 12v regulation seems to be kinda bad, but not out of spec. HWMonitor reads it at 11.532 - 11.581.

Does this warrent a RMA? I don't know if a low 12v would hurt my system, but it pains me to pay good money for a PSU that under-performs vreg of my old HX650 (12v @ 11.93 if I remember correctly) :(




I could be nitpicking, but I was just hoping to see these digital PSU's hitting 12v/5v/3.3v like crazy.


*Edit* While I try to fix the image

*Edit again* Or am I taking too much stalk from a software program's readings?

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