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Corsair Force 3 60GB seq read only 191MB


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Hi. I'm trying to figure out why my customer's 60GB Force 3 only has a SEQ read of 191MB.


I've run HD Tune and Crystal Disk Mark, and both show around 191MB read. CDM shows about 136MB SEQ write.


I've run HD Sentinel which shows AHCI is on and it's in the SATA 6Gb connection. It does warn that TRIM is off, and gives the performance an 80% rating. Would TRIM affect it this much?


Says it's running firmware v1.3.3. Think v5.03 would benefit? I just don't see anyone could get a seq reading of 500+ with these things.

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Ok, when I get back to the shop I'll run ATTO.


After reading a lot of other sites, it appears you need to select Zero Fill in CDM to reach those advertised speeds. It's just lame that the program defaults without it and this bit of extra information is needed. I've seen others with similar results until they enabled Zero Fill.

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