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Hello All,


I was just wondering how many people use these programs to keep there computers running at its best.. The three programs that I know about are:

1. Perfect Disk Pro

2. Diskeeper Pro

3. O&O Defrag Pro


So are you using one of the above, a different one, or none of the above? Please post so the people reading this forum have a good idea on how to proceed.. Thanks!



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I use O&O Defrag for my HDDs. Once set up I just leave it alone to do it's stuff. I have nothing to compare with so I can't say how much it improves things, but it does shuffle files around - moving frequently used files to the outside of the platter (faster).

I'm not into the techy stuff about it, it just sits there doing it's thing. No slowdowns while it's working either, and a great screensaver mode.

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