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Newly purchased 800D - do i need to purchase sata 6gb/s backplane upgrade?


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I have attempted to find an answer to my question but im getting impatient with parts for a computer sitting next to me.


I have decided to do this build in an 800D and i have recently discovered on corsairs website a 6gb/s upgrade kit for the sata backplane in the case. No one but corsair seems to sell this so before i purchase it do i need it?


If i recently purchased my case is this now a standard feature (id hope so!:confused:)? or do i need to purchase the upgrade kit? because i actually cant find a 3gb or 6gb figure on the box or paper information inside, Everything is just listed as "sata".



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there was a blog post that had something about it that i ended up finding but on the forums in the 800D case FAQ it says they come 3gb only so that confused me even more but the picture confirmed i had the right one once i saw the other.


thanks for the help!

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The new 800D's come with this "upgraded" backplane. You can tell if you have blue USB 3.0 ports on the front panel connector's.


Also for those that have the older Obsidian 800D's, there is no need to get this kit.


The Backplane's used in corsairs 800d series are just pass through connector's. There is no chip(s) or processing that would limit the connection to SATA2 vs. SATA3.


You will also be increasing your risk by using the newer backplane since it uses 1 power connector versus discrete power connectors for each of the 4 Hard Drive bays.


You can confirm this your self if you have IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) drivers and utilities installed. It will tell you which mode (SATA2 vs. SATA3) you are running your drives in that are connected to the backplane.


All the backplane does is give you convenient mounted connections for 4 Hard Drives which will also let you utilize Hotswap capabilities IF your motherboard or Raid Controller support this.


The Discrete power connectors that came with the original 800d series towers are IMHO the better of the 2. There is no different from a performance perspective.


I've confirmed this with either the built in SATA connections in use or my LSI 9260-4i using the backplane from an Obsidian 800D that was purchased in 2010/11.


Any SATA3 (6Gb/s) hard rive connected to the "old" backplane is and does run at SATA3 speeds. Similarly, if I plug in a SATA1 or SATA2 drive they will with their rated SATA spec. SATA1 at 1.5Gb/s, SATA2 at 3Gb/s...


Not sure why Corsair would release an "upgrade" when it isn't needed.


Unless someone can prove me wrong, in that case I'd love to hear.

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