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Help with sp2500 problem

Ace Rimmer

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I am not sure where to post this, but i'll try here.


I got the SP2500 for Holidays, and it seemed to work excellent. However, after about one day, spotify stopped playing, claiming it was something wrong with the soundcard. I only had to restart spotify, and it worked again. Later on, I was playing the Battlefield 2 mod Project reality, and suddenly the sound stopped. Once again, I only needed to restart the game, and spotify made sound, even though the game did not. This also happened while watching a YouTube video. The computer has also started to make this "notice" sound, without telling me what's the matter.


This is not a problem with my soundcard, since my computer has been working fine with my headset, and still does.


I have windows 8-64 bit, if that could have anything to do with the problem.

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