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i've never logged any of my builds, nor have i named any of them, lol, but here are 2 builds of mine, just finished the first the other day, the second is a work in progress.



Build #1

first one, i'll call it "night terror" lol spooky. it's a basic unmolested (not modded) machine to handle graphic design work and light/moderate gaming on a 21" monitor lol poor.



i5 3570k

ASRock Extreme6

16GB DDR3 1866 G.Skilll Sniper

EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked

250GB Samung 840 SSD

3TB Seagate

Corsair HX750

Corsair H60

Corsair 500R


Here's the finished product













Build #2

this one is my main everyday gaming machine (19" monitor lol still poor) and has basically just sat in a static state since last winter since my kids and i race bmx all summer long, so i don't spend a lot of time in the house. anyhow, i decided to do something with it as a gift to myself, and since i love the white 500R case that i've had for over a year now so much, thought i'd go with a black/white/carbon fiber theme. and the case kind of reminds me of a storm trooper, so i'm calling it "carbon storm trooper" lol trekie.


anyhow, here it was yesterday afternoon

i5 2500k

Biostar TP67B+

8GB Patriot G2 DDR3-1600

Corsair Force 3 90GB (boot)

Microcenter 64GB SSD (games)


Corsair TX750 (v1)

Corsair H50 (v1)

Corsair 500R

Samsung F3 1TB (Data)

WD Green 1TB (Back up)

4 Xigmatek 120 fans



I ordered:


Corsair HX750

5 White SATA cables


then i went to microcenter, lowes, autozone and taco bell lol had to share

came home with

16GB Corsair Vengence DDR3 1600 (black)

4 Corsair AF120

acrylic sheets

fake cabon fiber stick on stuff

heart burn


*montage* measuring, cutting, swearing, re-measuring, re-cutting, drilling, band aids *montage*


now, keep in mind that i went into this with no real idea as to what i wanted lol surprise! i cut everything free hand and i spent about an hour on it all together, so this is basically just a mock up of some ideas that i have, and this is what i had before going to bed last night





now i think what i'm going to do is make the faux carbon piece covering the gpu taller to cover more of the pci slots, remake the drive bay covers, then make an inlay to surround the motherboard and cover up some of the wiring.


will update as more work is done

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odd, not sure why the pics didn't show up


anyhow, worked somethings around differently just now, still not sure if i like it. and again, all the pieces still need to be cut to a different size


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had sometime today





now just waiting on the power supply and h100i to show up to finish everything


still not sure on arranging everything lol going in blind

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h100 came today



my sweet socks



mounted all of my fans in, used the 2 from the h100 for upfront, the af120's went around inside the case.



had to mount the radiator outside on top because it wouldn't fit with the vengence ram







still waiting on the power supply to arrive, and i'm going to make a custom window this weekend and mount a couple more af120's in it.

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made a window for the 500r tonight and installed the hx750. window didn't turn out as good as i wanted it to, but oh well lol settled. i have some super sweet non-conductive fiber re-enforced battery tape around the window right now, going to replace that with some carbon fiber vinyl as soon as i get around to cutting strips. need to pick up a grill for the fan before i have some 8 fingered kids running around my house.







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just about done














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Looking sweet but why put a fan on the clear window? It defeats the purpose of getting rid of the original window. Btw, I believe the floor AF120 is blowing down. I'd flip it around to give that GPU some air and get rid of the window fan so none of your hard work is blocked.


Coming from a fellow concerned 500R owner...:D:

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I like the window fan pushing air straight onto GPU and mobo but u can still see the components. But iI agree the bottom fan should be in taking with a fan filter and it looks like the front 2 fans are exhausting as well. These should be intake for sure. My bad that's the h100i fans. Had to look close at the one pic.
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front intake, side intake, rear, bottom and top exhaust. setup was completely balanced with the 200mm in the side as far as cfm in:out was concerned. i wanted to retain a side intake for gpu and fresh are to radiator at the top, my next step is mounting a 140mm fan in there, that's why if you look closely, the hole is a lot larger than the fan thats there now.


for the bottom fan, i like to think that the psu and bottom fan exhausting are creating negative pressure, or at least pulling air from the front more into the case. either way, temps are super low inside the case, so i'm going to rock this setup for a while and see how the temps are in the summer.

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mounted the drives a little differently. used a piece from a fractal core 1000 case to mount the drives on.



so far, the parts:

i5 1500k

biostar tp67b+

corsair vengeance ddr3 1600 8gb

corsair hx750

corsair 500r

corsair h100i

4 corsair af120

2 corsair sp120

corsair force 3 90gb ssd (OS)

samsung 1tb f3 (docs)

adata 64gb ssd (bf3)

bitfenix recon

corsair vengeance 1100 headset


i still have to replace the fans on my corsair ram cooler, then i'll install that.

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new motherboard in











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  • 1 month later...

added some lighting







and then here's another project i built over the weekend


asrock extreme6

corsair vengeance 16gb ddr3 1600

evga gtx 660ti

samsung 840 250gb

toshiba 1tb hdd

wd 3tb hdd

corsair ax760

corsair h110

corsair carbide 500r

bitfenix recon fan controller

corsair af120 x 4

corsair af140 x 3
















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