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ABIT AV8 and 3500+ no dual mode


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Help! I have twinx 1gig 3200C2-Pro set. Worked as Dual pair for 15mins just long enough to install win XP but since a reboot.

The Abit AV8 will not even post comes up with 04 bios error.


Works OK in single channel but not Dual.


Have I damaged the processor?


Odd that I got 15min use out of it. Have not OC'ed of cranked up voltages.


There does seem to be a lot of people with the same problem with many different mobo's.


Bad RAM, Bad Processor can't see it being Mobo, not with Memory controller on Processor.

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I got the system working OK in dual channel mode.


Memory Slots 1&2 no longer seem to support Dual channel mode.


In 3&4 all seems ok could it be something like the PCB path is shorter. The connection is fine as it works with single in either 1 or 2 but not in both.


With 1 & 2 it fails to POST.


It is annoying as I have got a second Set of 3200C2Pt 1gig twinx. and would like to run 2GB of ram. Tried ramping the voltage up to 2.8volts and still no dual in 1&2 with 3&4 empty or Full.



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