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Dominator platinum mod - first prototype

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Hey guys! First post so be nice ;)


This is the case, originally a cooler master test bench





Have been working on a mod for a while and thought i would post some modding on the Corsair Dominator Platinum ram, not finished yet but a first prototype :)


After a very busy Holidays I've made a prototype of the ram, did not go well at all but at least i've gotten started.


This is the design. It's basically the same design as the Dominator platinum ram but with a sandwich construction consisting of two aluminum sides with acrylic in the middle.



The aluminum part



One of the aluminum parts pressed together with the acrylic. Got decent tolerances on the parts so i just pressed them together with a vice, no glue needed :)



Made a red light bar so the ram would match the case better. Still want a white acrylic top with it only being red when its on :)



Installed without a lightbar



It looks the same with a lightbar. Think there is not enough light for the light to reflect all the way to the middle of the ram. I will experiment a bit more but if i can't figure it out i will leave it with just a red lightbar. But i do have a few ideas to try before giving up.


With the red lightbar and the original part it looks like this. It's not too bad but a bit of the white light shines through due to the fact that the leds are further apart than the width of the lightbar. The red bar is the same width as the original one. Also gonna polish the entry surface of the acrylig to let as much light through as possible


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When I first saw your case mod on another forum I had no idea that you had completely fabricated your own Dominator light bars...


I would have rated it even higher!


I did vote for yours as mod of the year at yet another site... hope you win, my man.


Absolutely stunning work!


Thank you! It looks like i might win! thank you for voting!


Happy new year to all of you!

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thanks stratosrally!

Hey guys!

Back now, been very busy with work and a lot of other stuff.


Have been trying my best to get the ram working but after corsairs "release" on monday i decided to shelf my idea.


I tried making grooves and so on in the acrylic and i got the light to spread decently as far as the new corsair kits are covered. Maybe they had the same problem ;) Anyways, I will move on to some other mods i want to try out instead. Updates to come as soon as i make some progress :)


Oh, also got the Rig Of The Year over at guru 3D!

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