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CML8GX3M2A1600C9W compatible with i5 3570k and z77x ud3h


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hi super quick im curious if CML8GX3M2A1600C9W will be compatible with

z77x ud3h, i5 3570k

I will be putting 16gb worth on this motherboard, will it work or not, i cant seem to get a straight answer from other forums, reason im asking is, the build is going to be all white black and hint of blue

any feedback would be very helpful thankyou

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Yes, they would be compatible. Just keep in mind they are 1.35v modules and on your system will probably need to be set to 1.5v to operate correctly at rated speeds.


The Vengeance series was designed and tested for the Sandy/Ivybridge CPU's.


However, i strongly suggest you just get a 16gig kit instead of two 8 gig kits. There is no way to guarantee that the two sets would play nice with each other. Corsair does niot suggest or support mixing/combining memory like that because of the various issues that can come from mixing sets...even though they are the same part number.


Unfortunately the LP whites do not come in a 16gig kit... so a black 16 gig kit would be a better choice.

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K thanks for the reply i have seen on youtube someone with the same memory and having 16gb on his motherboard, so i dont see why it wont work, but thankyou anyway for replying

I hate you tube and when i hear" I saw such and such do it so why cant I"


Like i stated in my first post you are more than welcome to try anything you like, but as far as Corsair is concerned there are no guarantees when combining kits. So if you have issues or cant get them to run at rated speeds there isn't a lot they can do.

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