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So I did a search regarding my problem, and it seems maybe mine isn't quite like the others.


I recently built a new gaming rig. I decided to go with the GS600 PSU. Its a decent unit and has adequate power for now. Purchased it on December 9th @ Fry's Electronics.


Upon turning on my PC, every fan spins up full speed - Except the fan in the PSU. The fan will spin maybe two or three revolutions, than quickly come to a stop. Infact it spins backwards, just before it stops (as if caught on something and being pulled back).


During normal operation (computer on/web browsing/watching YouTube) the fan doesn't spin. During games (FarCry 3, Metro2033, BlackOps 2) it'll spin up and down. When I first installed the fan it made a noise (much like a baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle). Here a few weeks later, that noise isn't as noticeable anymore, and once the fan is running at speed, consitantly, its nice and quiet.


Should I be concerned about this or is it common for brand new units and just part of the break in process? I've been on laptops for the last several years and the desktop I built before that (Shuttle PC w/ a small size PSU), the PSU fan spun up full speed when the PC was turned on and tho it would slow down it never stopped spinning while the pc was on.


The fan not spinning because the PSU isn't under enough load / hasn't reached a certain temperature would make sense considering it is an 'efficient" unit. I'm about to cut the UPC off to send in for a rebate, but if I need to swap this out for another unit at the store I will wait. I definitely do NOT want to get stuck RMA'ing the unit and having my PC down for any ammount of time.



Haf XM

Core i5 3570k

MSI GTX 660 ti OC

MSI z77 Mpower motherboard

16gb Corsair Vengeance ram

240gb Corsair Force Series 3 SSD

Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

Corsair GS600 PSU

Corsair H100 Cooler

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