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New h60 - Noisey?


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Hi there, I received my replacement H60 today, as the previous one had the dreaded grinding/buzzing noise. To my surprise I find out I got the new H60 2013 Edition (Well, I think it is) instead of another old H60.


I was hoping that it would solve my problem and everything would be hunkydory but sadly it turns out to be louder than the previous. It's making a noise a bit like an aquarium but VERY loud, especially when compared to the stock cooler I was using while waiting for the replacement.


Also I think the temperatures I'm getting are a bit high for what it should be. I'm running a i7-2600 non-k edition at stock speeds and getting between 38 to 42c at idle.


Does anyone have any idea what I've done wrong is it another faulty component.


Cheers for the help.






EDIT: Flipped the radiator over to see if it helps, just as noisy. Any ideas? Should I try connecting the cooler's 3 pin to a different connection like on a Molex to 4 3pin connector.

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