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H80i Splitter cable use


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Hi All


New to the forums and such and out of a severely dented pride am I brought here.


Housemate bought me a new H80i for Holidays and when installing I managed to yank the end off of the splitter cable that plugs into the pump.


I've been in touch with Corsair as well as the retailer and they have a spare they are popping in the post but I have a machine that is a glorified paperweight until it gets here (Hopefully not too long).


However I had a theory and question.


As these fans are standard fans which could plug into the motherboard via the on board plugs, is it possible to run the H80i with the fans plugged into the motherboard rather than the pump?


I'm a little pensive to attempt this without getting some kind of background info on if this is something which can be done or if this is a bad idea.


And in case people are curious, my amazing numb handedness is here!



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Hey Toasted,


Yeah I requested but haven't heard anything for a few days.


I Did notice there are two ports on the block the micro USB and another but I couldn't recognise the input type.


Don't suppose you know what header type it is? Perhaps it's easier to lay my hands on than the micro-5pin which has been a nightmare to find!

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