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CORSAIR H100i Christmas present


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Hi all,


I'm new in forum.


I just would like to thanks Corsair because, as wrote in title, I received a full new Corsair H100i for Xmas Day. I was actually excited because, here in Italy, since Corsair has been put on the marked, it's still hard to find it and you have to wait a lot to have it.

Received...properly installed in a couple of hours. Even if I didn't notice any fan noises, nor led failure and pump noise, I decided straight away to update CL to ver 2.2.0 and firmware to 1.0.4. Everythings went fine and it works perfectly.


You may likes to take a look at my systerm here:


I have only two questions just to make sure everything is ok.

1. should I download any other Corsair software or CL it is all about ?

2. I put the fans in Intel CPU temp group instead of leaving as default in H100i temp but when setting custom, the steps of degrees, are still related to H100i instead of CPU, is that normal?


Thanks for reply and again really thanks to Corsair to make watercooling accessible for all budgets.

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yes..you're right, yesterday even if it was setting on CPU Temp it was still working on H100i temp...don't know why. I've tried now saving a new profile and Custom fan are now working with CPU temp.


Many thanks for you answer.

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