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TX650 and TX750 nightmares


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Computer spec:

AMD FX-8150 (That's a power hungry 8-core with a 125W TDP)

16GB DDR3 1600 Ram

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition (250W TDP)


I ordered multiple of each from Newegg and they all suffer the same problems


1. The fan only spins up once when you turn the power on, never after that. I can draw the line between a broken fan controller and a thermal controlled fan, and no doubt I am dealing with the first.


Subject the CPU to 100% load under OCCT for an hour, the system draws 180W, the fan never spinned once. I also observed some power spike observed on the meter

Subject the GPU to 100% load using Furmark and 3DMark11, the system draws 350W total, the fan spinned up once or twice at very low speed (put my hands at the vent and almost no air got pushed through)

Run Battlefield 3 for hours and the fan spinned up once or twice, similar to furmark. The power supply gets very hot.


Test the same system with an older version of the 750TX I got last year, the fan spins up no problem during load.


2. If the broken fan controller is not enough to fry the power supply itself in weeks, the coil whine can drive you crazy. Whenever the system starts utilizing the video card (in games/benchmarks), the power supply makes a very high pitch coil whine that can drive me nuts. It can be heard from 10 feet away and you can hear it clearly even when blast the speaker in games. It happens more or less with all the power supplies, leads me to think it's not an isolated issue.


3. I don't know what's going on, but apparently Newegg is still selling 650TX V2. But all the ones I received seem to have a different model number, upon double check those are V1s. WTH?

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