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BSOD analyzed and recommended to uninstall Corsair Link


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Over the last week, I got many BSOD crashes. Finally I got the crash dump files analyzed and the result is here:


There are several possible causes but one of the recommendations is to uninstall Corsair Link.

As I had also read on the Corsair Forum about an incompatibility with Windows 8, I decided to uninstall all Corsair software I found on my PC (I only installed Corsair software for my recently purchased H80i).

Hopefully, this will keep BSOD's away, although there might have been be other causes. Just to be on the safe side.


To Corsair:

- see comment on that site about using WingRing driver.

- not mentioning the Win 8 incompatibility on the Corsair H80i product information is very "economical" with the truth and openess, to put it mildly.

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