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Vengeance 1500 Drivers Sound Issue (Potential Solution)


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I got myself a new pair of 'Corsair Vengeance 1500's' today and upon updating the drivers to 1.1 the sound started to have issues. Around 10 seconds in from a fresh boot the sound would randomly cut out (regardless of what I did), and from that point on if I tried to open anything that used sound / the headset it would sit there 'not responding' and crash. This included trying to open the volume mixer, opening the 'sound' tab through control panel, trying to uninstall the drivers for the headset through device manager, opening a song etc.


Using Windows Safe Mode I was able to rollback the drivers / uninstall them, and upon rebooting normally the sound would work perfectly (but I wouldn't have the software / drivers which meant I couldn't use the headset properly...)


Many, many, many hours (:mad:) of googling found many people with the same problem but no one ever posting a solution, I literally found about 30 threads with the same issue and either no reply from OP or just no solutions offered in the first place. The most common recommendations were to reinstall drivers and disable onboard BIOS audio, both of these did not work for me.


The reason I write this is because the solution for me was to unplug my headset from a USB 3.0 port, and plug it into a USB 2.0 port, upon rebooting the computer I no longer had my audio randomly crashing 10 seconds in (using the newest drivers).

I write this hoping it will help someone else out with the same problem who also suffered through the same frustration as me, as to why this caused such problem I do not understand (I am using a new computer bought literally a week ago with little to no software on it that would / could conflict).


Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, I was not sure where to put it but I figured people with the same issue would come to this section (like me) searching for someone else with issue to find the solution! :biggrin:

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You should not use USB 3.0 as it offers no advantages over 2.0. Also, there are some issues related to the third party controller for 3.0 ports.


Do you have any of the issues persist when using 2.0?

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