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Corsair 2000 losing connection.


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I bought the Vengeance 2000 7.1 wireless headset for myself as a Holidayspresent.


I was really looking forward at using it, since it's my first wireless headset, however. I ran in to some issues.


I feel like I got a faulty Dongle, as it only works when i'm sitting 50cm away from it, and if I turn my head to face away from the dongle it breaks out. I really hope this is just something wrong with my Dongle or i'm really dissapointed at this headset.

And when it cuts out the Dongle start blinking slowly as if the connection is lost. When I turn my head towards it the light goes solid again.


I might add that i've read the forums trying to locate the same problem, without any success.


Here's what i've tried:

I fully charged it before the first use.

I do use the extension cable for the dongle, and have tried placing it in different spots.

I've tried re-pairing the headset and dongle.

I've tried different USB ports, and also tried on 3 different computers, same issue there, so it's not my spec.

My system spec is in my profile.



Please assist and/or atleast tell me if it's something i've done or if I got a faulty Dongle.




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I just got a email regarding a RMA giving me the label to return the item. Do I need to send the dongle back or do you send me one anyway? Since i'm currently using it even though it's really bad, but i'm without a headset if so.

Just wanted to clearify if I have to send it back or not. appreciate an answer.

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well, sounds like a not so uncommon problem.

i am also having a hard time with connection loss on my vengeance 2000, can#t even turn my head about 90°.

can't walk more then two steps away from the desk and the connection starts to break up.

i even tried to shut off my wlan router and anything completely.


guess i'll file a rma, too then?.. :)

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Yeah, it's kinda not an ideal deal ..

He suggested i should return it to the (online) dealer, which, out of experience, can take up to two weeks or more .. >_<


and that time i would be without sound. :)

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