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Vengeance 2000 connection not working


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Hello i bought 2 of these headsets, one for myself and one for my friend.

mine workes perfectly and hes doesnt.

my friends headset cant connect to the computer. we have tryed my headset to hes usb connector and that worked and we tryed hes headset to mine but it did not work.

is this something that can be solved or do he need to RMA the headset?


its realy sad and he dont look forward to send the headset away for a long time though the old headset he got is broken.:mad:

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Re-pair the headset to the dongle and see if it solves the issue.

Under normal circumstances, you will never need to manually "pair" the Vengeance 2000 with the included wireless USB adapter ("dongle"). However, if the status indicator on the dongle does not stop blinking, you can try pairing the dongle and the headset.


Here's how to do it:


Turn the headset off by pressing the power button until the blue indicator light below the power button goes out.

Insert the wireless adapter into your PC's USB port.

With the end of an unfolded paper clip, press the recessed pairing button on the wireless adapter.

After about ten seconds, the indicator light on the wireless adapter will blink rapidly.

Press and hold the power button on the headset for about ten seconds, until the headset indicator light blinks rapidly.

The light on the wireless adapter will go solid blue, and the light on the headset will flash slowly (about two seconds between each flash)

The headset and wireless USB adapter are now paired.

Source: Audio FAQ - Corsair

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I will try this ty.

another question..

i noticed on my headset that a plastic part in the micro-usb charge outlet was broken off (the little peace of plastic that holds the wires in the middle.) and i removed it with a toothpick gentle.

i can still charge the headset and everything works, but when the cable is connected its not so solid (i can move the cable)! shuld i get them repeared or shuld i not worry about it??

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