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SP2500 with a high-end souncard? (can I turn off the DSP?)


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I've got an Asus Xonar Phoebus soundcard that I would like to use in order to drive a set of SP2500 speakers, I'm looking to use them with the Dolby Surround Virtualization function. However, it seems that the SP2500 features it's own EQ, DSP and whatever else thrown in there. Will these built-in "enhancements" interfere with my already existing EQ settings and Virtualization function on my soundcard?


I'm asking because I also bought a pair of Vengeance 2000, and I wasn't able to hook them up my soundcard in order to get proper surround virtualization instead of the C-Media XEAR reverb effect.


Oh, and if RAM GUY (or if anyone else who would know) happens to see this, is the sound on the 1500 the same as on the 2000's (with the addition of wires instead of wireless).


Thanks for reading, really appreciate it!

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