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New H100 Install - Terrible Temp


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Hey guys,

Just recently built a i7 3770k / Asus P8Z77-V PRO,


Had my noctua fans in, and wasn't getting great temps 30-35c idle, 70-75c at load (stocked ghz)


I installed the H100, radiator at top, the two fans blowing air out (from radiator up and out the case)


I'm getting really terrible tempertures, 35-42 idle, and at load 80-85c.


I've taken it off, and cleaned off the stocked tim, and used new tim, and still getting the same temps..


I've checked all the temps using real temp / core temp (the asus monitor is off by at least 10-15c so that's useless) the fan speeds are 2krpm +


Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is this what I should expect? Because this is running hotter then my D-14

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