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neo platimun w/ 1Gb Corsair DDR 3200XLPT Twin X (2x512Mb)


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Just purchased a MSI NEO PLATINUM, and would like to know is the 1Gb Corsair DDR 3200C2PT Twin X (2x512Mb) goin to work flawlessly with my mobo





CPU: AMD 64 bit 3200+


RAM: 1Gb Corsair DDR 3200XLPT Twin X (2x512Mb)

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  • Corsair Employee
Socket 754 Mb's are single channel and may not be able to with really tight timings with more than 1 module installed! I would suggest you get the latest bios before you start and then install the modules in slots 1-3 and set the Dim Voltage to 2.75 Volts and if you get errors with the system, I would try and set the Rass to Cass or AKA TRCD to 3 and see if that does not make the system stable, but try it first it may run with out problems!
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thanks coz i already purchased all these items, i think i'm just gonna wait, when i'll get all my stuff, then i'll look at the issues...

at least it's not incompatible with my system...

anyway i'll keep you posted how am i doing...

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