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Ram problem

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I Good afternoon,My name is Esteban, I ´m from Argentina(bad english jeje) and i have the following problem: I bought 2x4gb ddr3 2133 corsair memory and install them on my motherboard in dual chanel, the computer constantly reboots every 10 seconds. The motherboard manual says it is compatible with these memory (I hope that the manual does not lie, this says 2100 +). The only way to make it work was to lower the frequency of the ram to 1066 but is unstable and occasionally appears the blue screen of death saying there is a hardware problem.


Computer info:

motherboard: gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R

VGA : xfx 9800gtx+

CPU : Intel i7 920 2.8

OS: Win 7 64-bit

Memory Corsair venegance ddr3 8gb 2133

650 W


I sent to gigabyte support the same message and They answered this: "yes it is through Over clock

not by default so you must make testing. Otherwise you will not Make This mobo boot. "


I need to know how i resolver this problem, thanks so much

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