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Is my AX-760i dead?? Please Help me!


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Ok, I bought a Corsair AX-760i PSU off Amazon.com. It finally came. Now my motherboard, ram were installed in the case, but i havent bought anything else yet because im still saving up. I live in Australia so the PSU was naturally sent with the American wall plug, so i took the liberty of buying an Australian wall plug. Now this PSU comes with a "self test" button. So i plugged in all the hardware that i have and then tryed to "self test" button. I heard a tick noise and a faint spin or something, and the green led on my motherboard lit up. But according to the setup guide, the led on the psu should light up as well, and it said that if it doesnt, contact corsair tech support. Please can someone tell me if this psu is dead and if i have to rma it, i dont want to wait untill my system is fully built and then i boot it up and it doesnt work. Please Help!!!


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