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Advice is requested on Force GT Firmware Update.


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Firstly thanks to all Admins and Members contributing on the product forums here, it's greatly appreciated. Makes hell of a difference, each day's a learning day ;)


Advice needed - I reviewed my Force GT Firmware and it's currently sitting at 1.3.3 and has been speedy, stable and reliable for 9 months. I now have a second 120Gb Force GT sitting here in the box and wonder on your advice on updating Firmware.


Guess it'll be between keeping them both at 1.3.3 or updating them both to 5.0.3, looking for best performance so the update looks as if it's calling me.


Current 120Gb has 8Gb free on it, any dangers associated with running them like this? I attach my benchmarks for your consideration also. Looking to get a bit more out them both.

All advice welcome guys, thanks



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