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2x512 twinx xms pc4000 poor overclock


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I'm having real problems getting anywhere near the factory rated 250Mhz out of these sticks. Current max is 210 then the memory errors start. I'm currently running my a64 3200(spec at end) at 2.4Ghz using a 6:5 divider and it's solid as a rock, so the cpu is not an issue. I've tried using the sticks seperatly and get the same results with both so unless they are both faulty!


I'm basically wondering if anyone else has had o'cing problems with these sticks, or if anyone who has been successful with them can suggest something I haven't thought of.




My Rig


A64 3200 Clawhammer CG

MSI K8N Neo Platinum

2x512 twinx xms pc4000

PNY Verto 6800GT

2x80Gb Maxtor SATA

400W PSU

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I'm in the exact same boat your in Woody.. I have the 3400 clawhammer on a KV8Pro 1.1 Cant get FSB over 217 without mem divider 6:5.. I have tried everything.. Please help us out!!!! I'm about ready to scrap the mem and go for some really tight 3200... I'd really hate to give up the over clock'n.. that's what motivated me to buy!! :[pouts:
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I have XMS3200LL that is currently running HTT of 214 or there abouts. using a divider so the CPU is running HTT 260.


Some types of A64 CPUs don't like running RAM at high FSB speed.


So it may not be the ram. Try boosting the CPU voltage a bit. Also try one stick at a time. Some MBs have slot issues.


I use a KV8Pro v1.0 Using a PCI divider, not sure if my fixed option is working.


Anyway the KV8Pro is almost as good as you will get for OCing the A64.


I have had the ram running at DDR440 but it was not stable. However I'm not sur if that was my CPU or not.


However the KV8Pro has more ram tweaks in the BIOS than any other BIOS I have ever seen so fiddle with those to see if you can get a higher fsb.

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