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H100i no led and fans


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Hi guys,


Bought an H100i two weeks ago. It worked fine but my pc didn't detect it in corsairlink. Since yesterday at startup the fans don't startup anymore, also the corsair led doesnt turn on. to see if the pump is stil working I went to the bios, and saw my temperature was about 28 degrees Celsius. When I disconnected the sata-power it raised to about 45 degrees in like 10 seconds, so the pump is still working. When I jsut connected 1 fan, i began spinning, but at a very slow rpm. I'm sure there is something terribly wrong with that cooler. The lucky thing is that when I connect the fans to my MoBo, it can still keep my cpu cool. Can someone tell me what is wrong, if they have the same problems, or what is should do?


Thanks in advance!



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It sounds as if the pump is still doing it's job but the fan controller isn't.


I would have it RMA'd. Just use the link on the left to request an RMA or if it easier since it is only two weeks old, return it to your reseller.



But just to be on the safe side i wouldn't use it even though the ump appears to be working.

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